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Feaist Bakers – historical note

Mrs Heather Grief writes (May 2009)

Dear Sir,

Your office, Feaist’s, [Bohemia Village Voice, 79, Bohemia Road], was originally a dairy, selling milk, butter, cheese, cream, etc; hence the tiled walls, metal fittings and the marble counter which was axed/destroyed by the people who had the shop before the locksmiths moved in, because they thought the locksmiths wouldn’t want it, but the locksmiths had been planning to use it as their counter and were annoyed to find it had gone.

All too many shop interiors have been destroyed in recent years – in Robertson Street, Dobell’s jewellers and now Jones’ shoe shop (was Hall’s) has shut and workmen are busy inside. At least you still have the shop front, mosaic floor with ‘Feaist & Co Bakers’ at the entrance and the wall tiles, etc.

Mrs Heather Grief, Tower Road West.

We still have a long (9ft) solid marble work surface running along one wall of our office. The premises are now a grade II listed building and are protected by law from any further ‘improvements’ – ed.

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