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Hastings Council – wants to destroy small businesses?

Bohemia Business Owner writes (may 2009)

Dear Sir, I feel that Hastings Council has a mission to totally destroy all small businesses.

My small business relies on fast, efficient delivery. Sadly, I am often served penalty charge notices. They pounce on my van with great glee, as if to say ‘got you again’. There is no chance to reason and explain that I am, in fact, delivering. When I let my fines mount up, an extremely officious enforcement agent demanded immediate payment of £455 – if I didn’t pay, my van would be impounded.

I now realise what a big mistake I made trying to run a business in HBC area. They don’t want businesses.

Their ‘bully-boy’ attitude is the last straw for me.

Bohemia business owner [name & address given]

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