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John Hodgson – Autumn Leaves

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.


Autumn Leaves


Golden brown and red, the autumn leaves,

Fall gently to caress the earth from which they came,

As if to wave goodbye to summer,

And provide a carpet for the winter’s snow and rain.


The trees grow bare now and await first frost,

While those who care as I,

Recount yet one more season come, and lost.


Remembering the white tipped buds of spring that turned into blossom,

The summer sun, the laden boughs of green,

That bent beneath the gusts of wind and rain,

The birds that sang, the squirrels’ antics in the wood and lane.


As casually we kick the leafy mound,

And wend our way through this our God’s creation,

And watch the leaves fall gently to the ground,

And wait for yet another generation.


Will we not be lucky? Those of us who own, the privilege,

To breath and hear and see it all again,

And just like the leaves don’t we, yes one and all,

Rise in our spring and in our Autumn fall.


John Hodgson

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