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Louise Stuart – Memories

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.


He lies upon his bed of pain,

I know I’ll never see again

His gentle smile,

Never feel again his gentle touch.

He’s leaving me –

This man I love so much

I hold his hand,

Say a silent prayer.

I stroke his silver hair.

I’m sure he knows I’m there.


Never again I’ll hear him say:

“You look lovely,”

When I feel I look a mess,

Or when I least expect it –

“I like you in that dress.”

Often we laughed when I said

Thoughts that were in

His head!


I press his cold hand,

Only to find

He is no longer there;

Just the empty shell

Of this man I knew so well.

Our lives were oft’ a storm-tossed sea,

But I loved him, and he loved me.

I walk away, through blinding tears,

Remembering the happy years.

I’m as the day without the light,

The moon without the Night.


Louise Stuart

(February, 1980)

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