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Irene Mitchell – Disaster at Sea

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.


Disaster at Sea

Over the icy, windswept sea,

Sailed the lifeboat from Penlee.

The lifeboat crew, whose eight brave men

Would not be coming home again.


When for help they’d heard the cry

They’s kissed their families goodbye,

And thought no more of home or bed

But hurried to the lifeboat shed.


Tremendous waves were running high

And all in one was sea and sky,

The Penlee lifeboat pitched and tossed

And that night, eight brave men were lost.


Later, wreckage washed ashore

The name of Penlee lifeboat bore;

But of the crew there was no trace,

Though aircraft searched, then returned to base.


The people of Mousehole mourned and wept

For the men who had perished while others slept.

But life goes on, through tears and sighs,

For the Cornish spirit never dies.


Irene Mitchell

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