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Vivienne Bond moves house

VIVIENNE BOND – has sold her house in Aldborough Road, Bohemia and has moved to Grange Avenue. Her new  number is 431054. She continues her duties as deputy mayor. [Jul 2008]

DEPUTY MAYOR – is not Vivienne Bond (as stated in our last issue). It’s LibDem councillor Peter Armstrong (pictured right). What were we thinking? He’s nothing like Vivienne Bond. Vivienne is still our local Lib Dem representative. [Aug 2008]


Peter Pragnell writes (Oct 2008)

Dear Sir, I noticed with some little amusement your correction, in the ‘In Short’ section [Aug issue], to the error regarding Vivienne Bond in the previous issue. Unfortunately, you may find yourself having to correct your correction. You end the piece by stating ‘Vivienne is still our local Lib Dem representative’. Sadly, not true. She lost her seat in May; equally sadly it was to Kim Forward, rather than Cath Burrows!

Cllr Peter Pragnell, Leader, Hastings Borough Council

Vivienne Bond writes (Oct 2008)

Although I am no longer your ward councillor, I am still an active member on several local boards, i.e. Horntye Park, YMCA, and Hastings Community Housing Association. Unfortunately, I can no longer be a member of the Bohemia Area Association as I now live in another part of Hastings. If anybody feels I can help them in any way, having been involved in this local area (Bohemia) for over 20 years, please contact me.

I see the issue of the twin bins has raised its head. I trust you are all writing to state why you do, or do not, want them in your road – the council promised to consult before bringing them in! Please make your councillors aware of your feelings – they are there to help and speak for you. Thank you for your support over the years. I am signing off for the present”.

Vivienne Bond (ex LibDem councillor).



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