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Robert Gear

John Court writes (Aug 2008)

Dear Sir, I was looking at the genealogy of my family (Court) and was following up a Court/Bennett family in the Lewes area and found the following information about the estate of Robert Gear in Brighton, Hastings, Lewes and London, 1639-1920. It seems that the available documents include an abstract of title of an estate at Bohemia in Hastings purchased by Gear (then of Cuckfield) in 1825.

When looking to see if Bohemia, Hastings was extant I came across your email address. More out of curiosity than anything, but do you know of the location of Mr Robert Gear’s estate in Bohemia, Hastings?

John Court, Court Genealogy, USA.

We asked our local historian, Edward Preston, if he knew of Robert Gear. He says ‘Sorry, no Gear, but there was a Robert Geary, a butcher who had land/property in St Mary Magdalen parish’. Hope that helps? – ed.

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