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Bohemia Walled Garden – a community garden?

Amherst Road resident writes (Jul 2008)

Dear Sir, the walled garden in Summerfields Wood could be used as a community garden, whereby everyone gets to put their own designs into practice.  A mini Chelsea if you like. It would offer green space and give opportunity for everyone to have an input and create an area where people can visit and get ideas or just enjoy the use of it.  I believe this has been done elsewhere.  The college could be involved by setting up Landscape Architecture courses.

Amherst Road resident (name & address given).



Susan Thomson writes (Aug 2008)

Dear Sir, I was interested to read the letter in the July issue concerning the walled garden in Summerfields Wood. This is yet another person who feels that this once-prized horticultural site should not be left neglected and unused. The walled garden could easily be restored and become a valuable amenity to the local community.  With television and newspapers encouraging us to get active, eat healthy food, grow-your-own, and cut down on food-miles, we should be using this land for growing fruit and vegetables.  Demonstration gardens are a possibility; school participation could be encouraged; links with horticultural courses could be made; interest in local history could be stimulated, in partnership with the Hastings Museum.

Most importantly, the walled garden should be used for the activity of growing plants. This is what it was designed for and for which it is best suited, sitting in a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. Several like-minded people have formed a group called the ‘Bohemia Walled Garden Association’, whose aim is to see this valuable local site restored and brought into active use.  Anyone who would like to know more, please contact me.

Susan Thomson,


Michael Foster writes (Nov 2008)

Dear Sir, I very much support the retention of “green spaces” in our urban landscape. It’s great that our residents’  “Bohemian” spirit is active in seeking to reinvigorate this particular area of land which, if the circumstances are right, could be put to such good use for the whole of the community. I really hope the Council will give serious consideration to the Bohemia Walled Garden Association’s proposals.

Michael Foster, MP for Hastings & Rye.



Time to reawaken Bohemia’s secret garden?


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