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Waves To Re-open in September 2008 as ‘Eclipse’

WAVES in Bohemia Road will re-open as a hairdressers in September – if things go according to plan. The new salon manager will be 19-year old Rachel Martin, fresh out of college. She’ll be trying to woo back some of Waves’ old customers as well as attracting younger women into the salon.

Why isn’t the shop opening sooner? Apparently, the main reason for the delay in opening is the necessary wait for planning permission for a new shop front. The name of the business has yet to be decided – it might be ‘Hairdays’ [to rhyme with Mundays, Alldays and Frydays] or maybe  just ‘Kutz’.

Meanwhile, a sign on the door says simply ‘Closed for Refurbishment’.


Mrs M Phelps writes (Jul 2008)

Dear Sir, upon reading the Voice, I find that once more Waves, in Bohemia Road will open in September. I, for one, am glad, because that is where I have had my hair done on many occasions, and I find it not too far to go. I am a pensioner of 73 years of age, and I can’t walk too far, so Waves was the hairdressers for me. I wish the new owners the best of luck. I, for one, will go there and have my hair done because all the other hairdressers in Hastings are a long way to walk to.

Mrs M Phelps, Amherst Gardens.
Rachael Martin writes (Aug 2008)

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you and the people of Bohemia for the support you have given us with our new hair salon. So many people have been asking when we will be open and much as we would like to be open now, we want to get everything in place just right.

We hope to be opening the doors soon and that you’ll all come and meet us, have a cup of tea and a chat to see what we can offer. I’d also like to thank my Dad who has been working hard to get the shop up and running.

Rachael Martin, Eclipse Hair Salon, Bohemia Road.

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