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132 Bohemia Road – information wanted

Cyril Pelluet writes (Nov 2007)

132 Bohemia Road

Dear Sir,

I was born (1940) at 132 Bohemia Road which I understand was originally an ale house (this could explain my love of the electric soup).

I would much appreciate it if anyone could tell me about the history of the building e.g. when it was built, what it was called as an ale house, who lived there before us, etc. I also believe it was renumbered 132 at some time, but what number did it have before 132? In 1945 we moved to 25 Salisbury Road. This year, I took a nostalgic trip along to Salisbury Road and as luck would have it, met the very nice family who currently live there and we shared our experiences of the house. I have many happy memories of the district, not least the old St Paul’s school (presided over by Mr Gray) and of the Park Road Boys Brigade.

I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who can help me re 132 Bohemia Road or, simply from anyone who wishes to exchange memories of life in the 40s and 50s along Bohemia Road.

Cyril Pelluet.



Cyril Pelluet writes (Aug 2008)

Dear Sir, I wonder if there is anyone who can help me.  I was born at 132 Bohemia Road during the early days of WW2, before moving to Salisbury Road in 1946.  I have always understood that 132 Bohemia Road was originally an “Ale House” and indeed it had a cellar.

I suspect it was called The Sun though I could be wrong. Is there anyone who could tell me the past history of the building, including: when was it built; what was its name when functioning as an Ale House; when was it operating; who was the licensee? I also suspect that the street numbering changed at some point – any clues as to what number it was before being known as number 132 would be helpful.

Cyril Pelluet.

A few enquiries of local residents have produced no relevant recollections. ‘I’m sure it was never a pub, and I’ve lived here 30 years’ said a local woman – ed.

132 Bohemia Road - photo taken Aug 2008

132 Bohemia Road – photo taken Aug 2008

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