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H Joan Chaplin – “Parting”

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.



Like sparkling wine outpoured
The silvery sheen on the sea,
In halcyon calm of sunlight days
My love and I seek sandy bays,
Knowing this is
Time for kisses
At the parting of our ways.

But darkling changes come,
Great breakers roll over the sea,
Roll higher with each succeeding wave,
We’ll run and shelter in that cave,
It’s not discreet,
But very sweet,
And your kisses make me brave.

As thundery peaks roll forth
They echo all over the sea,
Vivid lightening sweeps across the sky
Dazzling to the beholder’s eye;
We know at heart
It’s time to part,
But wait till the storm rolls by.

Wait till the clouds roll by
From our hearts, storm-tossed as the sea,
Agony frozen in each still vein,
How can we ever love again?
Darling, this is
Last of kisses,
As we part with mutual pain.

H. Joan Chaplin

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