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Louise Stuart – “A Walk in Spring”

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.
A Walk in Spring

Today I walked in a woodland glade,
Beneath the tall trees’ leafy shade.
I wandered there disconsolate,
Pondering my cheerless Fate.
My heart was sad, wondering when
Fortune would smile on me again.

A bird was singing high above,
Trilling out his song of love.
My eyes downcast upon the ground
Missed the beauty all around.

A scurrying rabbit startled me.
Lifting my eyes, I then could see
The glory of a copper beech tree,
Spreading its branches over me.

A subtle perfume filled the air.
Primroses and violets fair
At my feet were growing there;
I stopped to pick the fragile flowers,
Then made my way home through the showers.
The sun came out, and changed the scene,
My sad heart became serene.
This was God’s creation, life reborn,
The wonder of a new Spring morn.
I had eyes to see – Beauty was Free.
It is mine for the Seeking!

Louise Stuart

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