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Irene Mitchell – “Mullion Cove”

From Bohemian Bouquet, published 1980 by The Bohemians.

Mullion Cove

Sing a song of Mullion Cove
That’s where I long to be
Rows of whitewashed cottages,
And miles of deep blue sea

Lobster pots and fishing boats,
Drowsing on the shore.
Lovely views from cliff-top walks
And seagulls by the score.

Sandy coves and rippling waves,
Boulders tall and stark,
Vivid colours in the sea,
Light against the dark.

Caves where smugglers, long ago,
Hid their chests of gold,
Lonely and forgotten now,
And damp, and dark, and cold.

Homebaked Cornish pasties,
Filled with gorgeous things,
Piping hot and golden brown,
A meal for queens and kings.

Drifts of summer flowers,
Seapinks, wild and strong,
While overhead, the skylark
Trills a little song.

Winding lanes and rugged moors,
Bracken everywhere,
While helicopters from Culdrose
Are hovering in the air.

Sing a song of Mullion Cove
That’s’s where I long to be.
Like those Cornish Seapinks
Strong and wild and free.

Irene Mitchell

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