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Not another takeaway place?

By Imogen Pybus, Dec 2011

Dear Sir – I’m referring to the opening of yet another fast food outlet. Who keeps these places going with their business? We certainly don’t! Doesn’t anyone do any cooking around here? Why can’t someone tell Bohemia residents that we are just about to have a John Lewis or similar? Always the cheap and dreggy shops and takeaways! As if we haven’t just had to digest the coming of depressing Asda.
Oh well, maybe I should just give in to these places, stop feeding my children healthy food and get a Chinese every night – then at least we’d fit in with the rest of Hastings and St Leonards and be massively obese! Oh that reminds me, I must `jack my job in’ and ‘sign on’ instead! OK, this may sound a little negative towards our area – but it isn’t such a bad place really, it just becomes worse when we constantly add more tat! Do we not want to attract a more diverse type than just ‘chavs’?

Imogen Pybus, St Peter’s Road.


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