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Hundreds of people to walk about a bit

By John Merriman, Dec 2011

Paranoid Wiles revHundreds of people to walk about a bit.

In a few days, in the latest initiative, to get people moving like they have never moved before, people are to get up and walk about a bit (it says here). But they will only do this in aid of a good cause. And it will take a few days to find one, just as soon as they get out of their comfy chairs. In the meantime, people are invited to sponsor these other people who want to get up and walk about a bit, once they have the motivation. Please send a lot of money to these people, once you have located them, then tell us where they are, because we’re not sure they even exist. It looks like another publicity stunt to deprive us, and you, of our hard-earned money (that is, if we ever earned any).

– simply enter a competition in another publication

o Reprinted, with kind permission, from Paranoid Wiles, by John Merriman (pUBLISHED wHEN nO oNE iS lOOKING), available, price 30p, from The Roomz, Western Road. Paranoid Wiles is published from ethically recycled anxieties. © REEVERRBERRATION CORRPERRATIONN

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