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Tina Harman

By Bill Third, Dec 2011

Following the untimely passing away of their neighbour Tina Harman in April/May of this year, St.Peter’s Road residents contributed to a collection in her memory raising £200 (writes Bill Third). In consultation with the family, a cheque for this amount was donated to St Michael’s Hospice. Celia Pyke-Lees, chief executive, extended her sincere condolences and said, ‘”We rely very heavily on voluntary contributions and our own fundraising activities to support our work looking after patients from our local community, and your donation helps us continue our services. I am truly appreciative. Christina’s name will be inscribed in our ‘In Memoriam’ book which is held in our reception room.” Tina’s friends and neighbours on St Peter’s Road have at least one tangible reminder of her they can enjoy every day: she had been instrumental in choosing the pleasing shade of green of the new perimeter fence at Christchurch School.

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