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Ronnie Raven

Review by Sara Young, Dec 2011

Ronnie Raven by Kay Al-Ghani

Kay Al-Ghani book coverRonnie Raven Recycles is the charming culmination of a mother and son partnership in writing and illustration. It is ideal for in-school learning and tackles the very important issue of recycling and global responsibility in a thoughtful, humorous and imaginative way. Also included are ideas for activities to ensure that children see how they can become a proactive part of the solution to the problem. Despite the text catering to an American audience, I was absolutely delighted not only to come across a direct reference to Bohemia Village and a character clearly based on our seagull residents, but also beautifully bold and colourful illustrations of coastal and suburban landscapes; this gives it a local and familiar feel. Haitham uses his illustrations and narrative to discuss openly issues faced by children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and speaks from a personal perspective (he has a diagnosis of autism). Kay is a co-founder of the charity ‘Autism Train.’ Both local, both talented and both contributing a huge amount to local understanding of autism: it is incredibly pleasing to know that such an inspiring team exists in Hastings.
o Ronnie Raven Recycles, size 11”x8½”, hardcover, 48 pages, 16 colour illustrations, ISBN 978-0-7643-3840-3. Published by Schiffer Books (USA) 2011, price $16.99. Can be purchased online from and from a number of online bookshops including Amazon and Waterstones.

Kay Al-Ghani & Haitham Al-Ghani

Kay Al-Ghani & Haitham Al-Ghani

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