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Spaces stolen

By Michael McIver, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – last year huge double yellow lines were imposed on St Pauls, Salisbury, Cranbrooke and Horntye Roads. A petition was raised with over one hundred signatures and presented to the Council. As lead petitioner, I have to say that I am very disappointed with the outcome. Minor concessions were made but they have made little difference to the available parking for residents. All told 32 spaces were stolen by these lines. Also the work done is as shoddy as it gets, one could have done better with a can of black paint. One has to ask, “Where has democracy gone in Hastings & St Leonards?”, as it seems only minorities have any chance of justice. Most residents see no need at all for these lines. They have been imposed purely as cash collectors.

Michael McIver, St Pauls Road.

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