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By Vic Chalcraft, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – if this is supposed to be the voice of Bohemia, St Leonards, can you please explain how I received my first copy of your latest issue from Ore via Beckley? My second was delivered to my door. My first opinion still stands – in fact, it is strengthened. May I suggest you rename it the Bohemia Advertiser – that’s all it is now. What was a well-presented, well printed, well laid out little booklet is now, though well laid out, an advertising blurb of which we get enough pushed through our doors anyway without picking more up.
Vic Chalcraft, Aldborough Road.


By Paul Buswell, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – I agree with your correspondent [Voice #79]: going downhill. Ratio of editorial/reporting to advertising is far too low – maybe below 25%? Personally I miss the loss of the pages of free classifieds. Definitely needs a change of direction or it’s just a glossy AdNews.
Paul Buswell


By Emma Frankish Law, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – what has happened to the Puzzle Picture prize bit? – the mag looks like it needs more local info and listings – a bit thin this time. A What’s On page would be good and perhaps something about the local LETS trading scheme (Susie: 423687 or It would be great to bring more awareness to sharing local skills.
Emma Frankish Law, Hastings.


By Nicola Smith, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – I have to disagree with Vic Chalcraft’s comments [Voice #79] that the Dec and Feb edtions of the Voice were not up to standard. I very much enjoyed reading these editions and felt that a wider demographic was being represented in choice of articles and what’s on information. I was disappointed by the June/July issue. What happened to the content? Without the very nice looking advertising copy it wouldn’t have withstood 4 pages of print. I realise that you are juggling a variety of expectation as to what the magazine could offer its local community and I do hope you find the way forward soon.
Nicola Smith, Bodywisdom School.




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