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Mystery Stone near Hastings Police Station

Mel Fisher writes (Oct 2008)

Dear Sir,

I have a mystery that I am going to try & clear up. I have been going to Summerfields for years with my dogs & have only just discovered something. At the base of one of the trees outside the police station there is a memorial stone (pictured), I think that’s what it is. It seems very old, covered in moss and the writing illegible. Any ideas? Maybe I will have to take an old toothbrush out with me one morning & clean it off to see what is written. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the police as I have asked a few of them & they haven’t a clue either.

Mel Fisher, St Peter’s Road.


Mel Fisher writes (Nov 2008)

Dear Sir,

Regarding the mystery stone near the police station in Bohemia Rd [Oct 2008]. I’ve worked out that the inscription reads ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind Assn planted this tree 1973. With grateful thanks to Hastings Police’. I wonder why the Blind Ass. was so grateful to the police?

Mel Fisher, St Peter’s Road.


A Bohemia Resident writes (Dec 2008)

Dear Sir, regarding the memorial stone [Letters, Voice 65, Nov ‘08] near the police station  at Summerfields, the tree was planted in memory of one of the policemen, because the police contributed to Guide Dogs for the Blind. My aunt and uncle lived at nearby Pooh House for thirty years. It used to be the Matron’s House for Summerfields School. When they first moved in, it was out in the wilds, as there was not so much development there then. You had to go through the woods to get to the house. My uncle was a sergeant-at-arms at the Town Hall, and my aunt died a few weeks ago.

Bohemia Resident.

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