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Ann Mann says ‘Thank You’

By Ann Mann, Tower Road, Bohemia (Jun 2011)

To the Editor – in February 2010 we lost our beloved daughter Eloise in an horrific car crash and we have yet to thank you all for your support, love and continued care.

One of you described Ellie’s death as a ‘community death’, someone else her funeral as a ‘community funeral’ and indeed we did not feel isolated at all in our grief.

Whilst the press and police intrusion continued you resolutely supported us, refusing to give interviews and many was the time when one of us was/is walking along the road and you came up to us to say something or just give a touch.

Some of you set up a rota so we had a hot evening meal every day for two months, others provided lunch fillings, some did shopping, others cleaning. How wonderful that all was. In this material world, it is easy to forget or overlook the real values in life – love and friendship through one’s community. More precious in our regard than family.

Having travelled the road of grief with us, we hope we can now bring you a little joy in announcing the birth of our second son Noah Benedict Stefan in February of this year. He is a delightful brother for Finlay and a wonderful legacy provided us by Eloise and, to date anyway, he lives up to the meaning of his name (‘peace’ and ‘blessing’).

Ann Mann, Tower Road, Bohemia.

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