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Twittens Named

By John Humphries (Jun 2011)

TWITTENS NAMED – the memories of George Monger of Tower Road (awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in the First World War), Derek Norcross (head of St Paul’s School) and Robert Tressell are being kept alive by the naming of three of Bohemia’s alleyways.

The Bohemia Area Association arranged the signings.

George Monger Passageway runs from Newgate Rd to Upper South Road.

Norcross Passage runs between North Rd and Lower South Road. Audrey Norcross and family attended the official opening ceremony in May.

Tressell Path from Salisbury Mews to St Paul’s Rd.

Well done, the BAA.



By Marion Purdey, Aug 2011

Dear Sir – please note that George Monger did not receive the Victoria Cross for bravery during the First World War [Voice, issue 79]. In fact, “Private George Monger, 23rd Foot (the Royal Welsh Fusilers) won the Victoria Cross at Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, on November 18th 1857 for his gallantry in assisting an officer carrying a wounded comrade from a most exposed position. He lived at 25, Tower Road, died in great poverty, and lies buried in the Borough Cemetery”.
Marion Purdey, Hastings.

George Monger sign

George Monger sign

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