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Love, Art & Sci-Fi – The Window

By Emily Stone and Julia Humphries (Feb 2011)

Emily Stone & Julia Humphries

Emily Stone & Julia Humphries

When we were first approached about doing a window display for the Bohemia Village Voice February issue we were very intrigued about the possibilities surrounding the theme of Love, Art and Sci Fi.

Our initial thoughts surrounded 50’s Sci Fi B-Movies, especially Ed Wood. We liked the way these movies were made very very economically but had a certain charm about them, even though the flying saucers were hardly disguised as being made of card and tin foil.

However we felt the angle of 50’s B-Movies wouldn’t fit well with the ‘love’ aspect of the issue, as the movies were mostly themed around cautionary tales of horror and the threat of invasion.

We were thinking that as the issue also had a call for entries for a short story competition, based around Sci Fi in St Leonards it would be nice to add positive elements of a future St Leonards, hence the love robots and smiling alien. We also wanted to make something that leaves more to the imagination, almost like a “fill in the blanks”.

Short stories are about using your imagination and with our black and white illustrations, the thinking was along the lines of… the love robots can be black, pink, orange, whatever colour or texture is in your mind and sets off your imagination.

Emily Stone and Julia Humphries StrangeBird Design


Love, Art & Sci-Fi - the Window

Love, Art & Sci-Fi – the Window

By Sarah Janes (Feb 2011)

Many thanks from the Bohemia Village Voice for all your hard work in getting this window installed. We’ve had lots of people stopping to admire it. You will be able to come and see Emily and Julia’s window installation until 1st April.

If you are interested in designing our window for the next edition of the Bohemia Village Voice please do get in touch with us. The theme for issue 79 is: FUN and FOOLERY

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