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Tyrone Wildman

By Sarah Janes (Feb 2011)

Tyrone Wildman

Tyrone Wildman

Local legend Tyrone Wildman had a LOT of fans and several of them have popped into the office to let us know just how much he is going to be missed and what an inspiration he was to them.

Tyrone died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism on the 18th of December 2010. He was a fantastically fit man who had played an indoor cricket match for Sidley just 13 days before.

He was so well-loved, tributes have flooded in from hundreds of people whose lives he touched.

Originally from Kingston Jamaica, Tyrone was a well-known sprinter. He was spotted by a tutor from Hastings College and won a scholarship to the area in 1972. Tyrone arrived at Sidley Cricket Club in 1974 and stayed there, becoming club president and a life member.

Tyrone won ‘Mr Brighton’ twice in three years, and appeared on the front cover of natural bodybuilding magazines. He had worked as a fitness instructor at Falaise for the last 16 years and had a reputation there for making every single member feel thoroughly welcome.

Tyrone, who didn’t drink or smoke, last competed in the Natural Physique Association South East Championships only three months ago.

Tyrone is well-remembered and missed by all those that knew him.

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  1. I knew Tyron a very long time ago. I once used to train with him. I moved back to London in 1983 – so it’s over 30 years. I only learned very recently about his death. (2016). If I’d known I would have gone to his funeral. He was a lovely man and I am very much saddened about his death Lots of love to Kathy.

    Philip Webb…

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