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By Sarah Janes (Feb 2011)

Cave - photo by Thad Skews

Cave – photo by Thad Skews

CAVE are in my top three bands of all time and so it was with a glad heart that I was able to get them to come and play in Hastings and for a special Thanksgiving Show no less!

It started off unportentiously enough, with the band stuck in traffic and missing sound check, one of the band members from the supporting act getting himself in a time-consuming hoo-hah with the Law and all the usual babysitting struggles.

But eventually, CAVE made it all the way from Chicago, to our fair town of Hastings, via: Madrid, Lisbon, Cadiz, Paris, London, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, Berlin, Vienna, Geneve, Rome, Barcelona, Brussels and a few places inbetween. It all came about because I met them for the second time on the road with Quintron and Miss Pussycat at the Monkey Week Festival in the beautiful southern Spanish town of Puerto de Santa Maria, near Cadiz and pleaded with them to come and play Hastings, they were keen and had a space in their tour, so I sorted it all out with their agent Etienne at the Euro booking offices of Julie Tippex. I had first met them in Columbia, Missouri several years previous and their performance has always stayed with me. After the show we all went swimming in a moonlit pond with glo-stick jewellery on and of course the deal was sealed.

Basically I challenge anyone not to have an out-of-body experience when watching/dancing to CAVE, if you ever see their name on any bill ever you simply have to go. The END.

LIVE @ The Bohemia Club, The Brass Monkey, Hastings 25th Nov, 2010. Review by Sarah Janes (photo: Thad Skews)

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