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Wasabi Hut

By Sarah Janes Dec 2010

I am so delighted that finally Hastings and St. Leonards can now boast a really tasty sushi place. Sushi is absolutely my most favourite food in the world and I have been known to travel to Brighton quite regularly to get my raw fish fix at E-Kagen.

You can always tell when a sushi place is any cop because there will be some Japanese people there making appreciative noises and on both of the occasions I have visited, there have been Japanese people doing just that and then, even better, giving the chef a thumbs-up through the window (seriously! I kid you not).

So anyway, now I can save my train fare to Brighton and just walk to the new Wasabi Hut on Marine Parade. Canadians Eldi and Marco Skubay have lived in Hastings for five years and thoroughly share my passion for sushi. I’m of the opinion that their business venture really fills a gap in the market in the Old Town and if you are a sushi fan too, I suggest you get down there sharpish and check it out.

Their sushi is really, really excellent value, great quality and they offer a fantastic service. Delivery and party catering is also available. Please tell them I sent you!

Wasabi Hut - sushi

Wasabi Hut – sushi

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