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Charity Shops

By Sarah Janes Dec 2010

Too many to mention, but let’s hope that once the gentrification of St Leonards starts properly we don’t lose any more of them. I once had a big argument with an estate agent about charity shops in St Leonards, I think they are great, and should be encouraged. There is a real culture of charity shopping here which would be sorely missed if Kings Road and London Road get too fancy.

Bexhill has got the balance right. The aforementioned estate agent was telling me that charity shops single a place out as deprived and therefore lower the housing prices so he can’t make as much money. Well, whilst this is a real tragedy for estate agents, charity shops are frankly a thorough good, especially the little local ones like the St Michael’s Hospice and HRVAB (pictured).

They encourage recycling, reusing and more often than not, their second-hand wares are of infinitely better quality that new bought items and yet are massively cheaper. Everyone is a winner! Go and shop in your local charity shop right now. If the charity shops do find themselves priced out of central St. Leonards, how about making a charity shop treasure trove on Bohemia Road? This suitably named thoroughfare could suit charity shops very well, and were there sufficient numbers of them lumped together, it could become a real attraction for bargain hunters and vintage fashionistas.

Hastings & Rother Voluntary Assn for the Blind charity shop

Hastings & Rother Voluntary Assn for the Blind charity shop

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