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Alcohol Free Festival

By Sarah Janes (Aug 2010)

St Leonards Festival

St Leonards Festival

Despite the rather embarrassing council-flavoured posters and the loud proclamations of ‘this is a non-alcoholic event’ everywhere, I’d say St Leonards Festival (picture) was a roaring success.

It always astounds me that so many people turn up. Do they all live in St Leonards and if so, where are they the rest of the year? Also, is it really necessary to banish all the alcoholics from St Leonards on this day? Many legends have been told of St Leonards Festival in the days when booze was welcomed and apparently it was a blood-bath down in Warrior Square, in fact possibly that’s where our square got its name.

The boozeless fun was still highly enjoyable and there was an especially excellent variety of activities provided by the Hastings and St Leonards Childrens’ Centres, who do such sterling work all year through. Plus, I had an extremely delicious lunch from the Old Town Deli, which, I’m delighted to say, will be providing food at the Bohemia Village Fayre this year. I cannot recommend their fish pakora with Bombay potatoes and raita highly enough, I really, really can’t.

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