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Walled Garden Report, June 2010

Grey Owl help

Bohemia Walled Garden progress report by Bob Hart & Sue Thomson, June 2010


Grey Owl

Grey Owl

The Bohemia Walled Garden Association has been fortunate in receiving a generous donation from The Grey Owl Society.

This is to help us in our horticultural activities and our general aim of creating a community garden within Summer-fields Wood. We received a cheque for £200, with a very supportive letter from Betty Taylor. Betty, the Secretary of The Grey Owl Society, expressed the group’s eagerness to “support a scheme that is preserving an open space so close to the town centre”. They are well aware of the value of green spaces and the invigorating and inspiring effect they can have.

Grey Owl himself (picture) benefited from a site very like Summerfields Wood, spending hours exploring the natural environment of St. Helens Wood. It is especially satisfying to have formed a link with another local society, one whose interests are in the care and preservation of natural sites. Although we are creating a garden and not preserving nature as found, we are mindful of the natural setting within which we work and hope to work in harmony with our surroundings.

Bohemia Walled Garden Association

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