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Juliette Dodd at arty ASDA

By Sarah Janes August 2010

Ken Brooks, Julliette Dodd & A N Other

Ken Brooks, Julliette Dodd & A N Other

Juliette Dodd is the exceptional artist who won the tender for undertaking the design of the public space around the new ASDA at Silverhill. She was told she got the job partly because she was the only one that researched what Silverhill residents actually wanted.

She’s been busy these last few weeks trying to get everyone in the area involved and has had stalls at pretty much all of the local events. She’ll have a stall at the Bohemia Village Fayre too, so do go and say hello.

Juliette’s plans centre around the discovery of Iguanadon remains found near the site and she’ll be incorporating artwork from local school children into the final display. Hopefully we can look forward to a prehistoric shopping experience come winter!

Contact Juliette at:

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