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Baltic Food Shop – Sveiki Atvyke!

Aurimas Gudaitis

Aurimas Gudaitis

‘Sveiki Atvyke!’ – or – ‘Welcome!’ to the new Baltic Food Shop on Bohemia Road. Owners Aurimas Gudaitis and Evaldas Vilkevicius are from Šilute and Marijampole in Lithuania and stock a wide range of traditional food from the Baltic regions including many Lithuanian specialities.

John (Humphries) and I have already sampled many of their wares and we can thoroughly recommend the delicious Lithuanian bread, gherkins, curd cheese and ham.

Aurimas has contributed a lovely recipe, for one of his favourites summertime Lithuanian dishes – Šaltibaršciai, a cold beet soup, a little like a creamy borscht. We wish them every luck with their new business venture.

Written by Sarah Janes

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