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Chills – East Sussex Ghost Stories

Chills - Ghosts of Sussex

Chills – Ghosts of East Sussex

‘Chills’ is an anthology of spine-chilling stories and is published by St Leonards Writers. The project was funded by the Foreshore Trust.

The book was launched at the Hastings Arts Forum on Friday 19 October 2012. The event, compered by Jonathan Broughton, was well attended and many of the authors read extracts from their stories. Copies of the book were sold, £5 each.











Charlie Menzinger Laying a Ghost
Charlie Menzinger The Ghost with Alzheimer’s
Christine Dale Sooty’s Revenge
Jonathan Broughton Dark Reunion*
Jonathan Broughton This Place knoweth not God
Mick Nurse The Parson, the Ghost and the Publican’s Daughter
Pat Cochrane The Plot
Rayne Hall I Dived the Pandora
Rayne Hall Take me to St Roch’s
Rosamond Palmer Resolved
Rosamond Palmer The Hand
Stephanie Stonham The Believer
Carolyn Markson The Charcoal Burners
Susanna Rose Tidal Trilogy
Vivien Jones First Edition
Vivien Jones Flying Visitors
William J Stevens Past Images



*Watch and listen to Jonathan Broughton reading his  ‘Dark Reunion‘ here:





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