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Andrew Tompkins

What Would Jesus’ Mother Do?

Jesus was in two minds as to what to do about Abram, the potter he had commissioned to make the jug.
On the one hand, the jug was perfect and Jesus could never be sure of finding another potter as good as Abram, if he ever needed to repeat the miracle.
On the other hand, if Abram ever spoke of the commission to others, and word got out to the masses about the trick behind the miracle, then Jesus’ name would be mud, and his aspirations would be dashed. In the end he remembered his mother’s motto ‘better safe than sorry’.
Whilst testing the jug with Abram he slipped some poison into the potter’s cup and kept him occupied with a conversation about a similar commission for a vessel that you could pour sand into and then miraculously pour grain from the secret compartment within.
Abram tried his best to follow the conversation, even as the poison started to take effect, as Jesus appeared to be a good client, offering to pay over the odds for these strange jugs and vessels that he required.
Abram tried to ignore the sudden dizziness and sweats that had come over him, as he was looking for the opportunity to steer the conversation towards receiving payment for the jug.
Jesus could see Abram’s eyes start to dilate and let Abram bring up the topic of payment, as only a few moments later Abram collapsed on the floor in front of him, eyes wide and staring into the void, blood running from his mouth.
Better safe than sorry. Anyway, whoever performed the same miracle twice? Just not the done thing these days.

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