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Isabel Somerset

Saved by the Hedgehog

Once a upon a time, when the sun was shining and everywhere to be seen, was quite a normal-sized brown Fox, with light red eyes, peered out of behind a tree.
The Fox was hunting around looking for some fresh food. But it was no good, there was just no food to be seen. But from where the Fox was standing he could see a Lion and Tiger snacking on some delicious fresh meat!
So the Fox decided to go over to the Lion and ask for some of his delicious meat. The Fox stood upright in front of the Lion to grab his attention.
“Hey,” roared the Lion, “can’t you see I’m trying to eat here?”
“Yes, I do see that,” answered the Fox in a calm way.
“Why are you here, anyway?” asked the Lion.
“Well I’m not sharing my food with YOU!” roared the Lion. “I’ve been trying to find food for months!”
“Well, I’ll take that as a ‘No’ then,” said the Fox in a sad voice.
So the Fox decided that he would go and see if the Tiger would be kind to share some of his food with him. Luckily this time the Fox didn’t have to risk standing up in front of him to grab his attention because the Tiger had already noticed the Fox.
“What do you think you’re doing?” asked the Tiger in a rather loud voice.
“I am just wondering,” answered the Fox.
“Wondering about what?” asked the Tiger.
“I’m wondering if you would let me share some of your yummy-looking meat?” answered the Fox.
“And what do you think the chances of you sharing my meat is?” asked the Tiger.
“Very good chances hopefully,” replied the Fox.
“Wrong!” answered the Tiger. “You have no chance of sharing my food!” answered the Tiger.
“Then I better be off,” said the Fox. “Bye.”
The Fox knew this was it. He had no hope of finding food at this rate. But just then a little prickly Hedgehog walked past the Fox. The hedgehog stopped and dropped a piece of lamb on the ground. Then, when the Hedgehog had finished eating the lamb he went and came back with another one two times larger than the last. When the Hedgehog had finished eating, the Fox went over to him and asked him where he kept getting lamb from.
“Excuse me, Hedgehog, could you please tell me where you keep getting pieces of lamb from?”
“Why do you want to know?” asked the Hedgehog.
“Because I’ve been starving for months trying to find food!” replied the Fox.
“Only if you promise that you’ll only take one piece?” said the Hedgehog.
“Ok, I promise – just take me there quickly,” agreed the Fox.
So off they went. But when they arrived there, it was the last place the fox was expecting. The ground was just dry sand, there were lots of metal crash cans and one big shed that looked very deserted.
“So where is the food then?” asked the Fox.
“Just over there, next to the shed,” answered the Hedgehog. The Fox could see 20 pieces of lamb and he didn’t want to just take one so he took the lot! But then suddenly the Hedgehog came and saw the Fox had eaten all his lamb!
But before he could say a word to that Fox, he had ran off never to be seen again.

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