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Jessica Watters

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, went out horse-back riding in the wood. Darkness, bracken, moss and fern shot by. The big bad wolf came sauntering by.
“Listen,” he said, “I tell no lie. Your granny sent me, nanny sent me here to fetch thee. She’s ill in bed or so they say. Come hither and let’s see, shall we?”
“No way,” said Red, “I’ll go to her bed. ALONE. Don’t follow.”

On Red rode. On trusty steed. To visit granny. Avoid wolf’s lair. To come to the clearing, a chill in the air. She entered the house, quiet as mouse. Up to the chamber. Where her granny lay sleeping. But the wolf had been eating. Red started to plot.
“Granny what eyes you have, what teeth, what ears!”
“I know my dear, but never fear. All the better to see, eat and hear thee with.”
“Just one last thing . . .” the cheeky Red said.
“The axe-man in the kitchen – is he a friend of yours?” Gazing at the wolf’s sweaty paws, Red plotted some more and more.
“Only he seemed to know you very well, and was adamant that it was you he came to see. Said something about some surgery. Shall I call him up?”

The axe-man came a-calling, upon a summer’s day. He took one look. One swipe, one slice at wolf. Granny woke up from her sleep. Red was sitting by the bed, wrapped in a wolf-skin shawl. A pearly smile on her lips.
“Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whichever you prefer. Enjoy your sleep, I hope.”
Struck dumb, Granny said nothing, not a word, as the axe-man entered wearing a wolf skin coat. Bemused, bewildered, troubled. Granny slept, pondering, wondering, upon her marvellous dream.

Little Red Riding Hood. Goes horse-back riding in the wood, with an element of danger. Never cross paths with her stranger. There are few who tell the tale, except one. A handsome male, the axe-man who chopped Granny free from the terrible beast. But failed to win the heart of Hood. Who goes horse-back riding in the wood.

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