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Deborah Ewing

Deborah lives in St Paul’s Road, Bohemia and she makes cushions, although she describes herself as a ‘maker and impressario’.

Some of the cushions are ‘nice’ cushions on which she has embroidered sayings like ‘Home Sweet Home’ and some are ‘naughty’ cushions on which, er, ¬†naughty things are written. ¬†She also kindly embroidered a set of coloured triangular pennants spelling out the words ‘Bohemia Village Voice’ which have been hanging in our office window for some weeks. We hope to feature some of Deborah’s cushions in a future post. Or you can take a preview by visiting her website:

Deborah lived in Brighton for 17 years and ran a vintage/secondhand clothes shop for teenagers. She is married to Jim Proudfoot; they have two boys, Sidney and Dylan.

Bohemia resident Deborah Ewing

Custom made cushion-maker Deborah Ewing

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