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Does anyone have a small circus tent for loan?

Ken Dawick and his partner Lucy, children Matilda (nearly 2), George (11 weeks) and collie/whippet cross Pops.

Ken Dawick and his partner Lucy, children Matilda (nearly 2), George (11 weeks) and collie/whippet cross Pops.

The weather beats the Village Fayre – but organisers Kat & Jules promise to be back for 2009.

I expect you saw the notices – we had 3 days of agonising weather watching, and 2 caterers had pulled out because of the threat of more thunderstorms. So with some of our key people very much half out of the picture we got up early on the Sunday morning to look at the weather again: it was cold and grey and you could taste the rain in the air (honest!) The marquee provider pointed out some serious risks of mud and slipping and the marquee spikes not being able to take proper hold if the ground got much wetter.
So Jules made tea in the back of her van (Stan) and we looked at the weather some more. Patrick (pedal-powered gameboys) arrived and we all looked at the weather. No sign of the Bohemia Electric Cinema, but as we had seen him the night before, we knew he was watching the weather from his dome. Bev arrived with the signs and we looked at the weather some more.
So we gave in, and decided to cancel. We had already paid £180 for the required public liability for the day, and the £100 land hire cost and the £21 licence fee, none of which are returnable, and as you need 6 weeks notice for a temporary event notice, we would have to wait another 6 weeks, then pay another lot of insurance and land hire so we decided instead to cancel altogether. Jules phoned the stallholders – some offered to donate their hire fee, others had  refunds, and some opted to use the fee to pay for next year in advance.
The travelling Observatory lady came, and went, and next we had the job of phoning all the bands, who we had pre-warned, of their new gig destinations. Half of us went to the Rooms – and half to the Smugglers. The Rooms kicked off with Ukulele Dave, (what a trouper) then Rattlebag (female a cappella ) followed by POG (punky folk) Degraved (teen goth) Gary (singer songwriter) Katdog (eclectic downbeat acoustic duo) and Red Diesel (in your face funk). Kids made crafty decorations or played cards! and everyone had a lovely time. Down at the Smugglers we had Hairy Jack, (rock) Helium Love Sok (folk rock) and Trenchfoot UK (punk) and a fantastic time was had by all. As for next year, all monies left in the account will go towards the cost of next year’s event, which we think will take place in July, date not yet decided upon, but we have a marvellous team in place who are more than capable of bringing you an even more exciting event next year. Thank you to everyone who helped in the organising, and came down to see us at the Smuggs and the Rooms, and those kind folk who donated money. And in case the weather looks a bit dodgy next year- does anyone have a small circus tent we could borrow??
Kat and Jules, (07814 659 729 & 07849 093 154)

Ken and Lucy, pictured, travel from Hastings Old Town to attend the second Bohemia Village Fayre. Ken, self-employed in joinery, carpentry and decking, and known as ‘Planet 3 Woodworking’, said ‘We didn’t make it last year and thought we’d try the Fayre today. It’s so disappointing it’s been cancelled – as it happens, the weather hasn’t been too bad’. All wasn’t lost: Pops enjoyed a good run, being chased by Matilda – or was it Matilda being chased by Pops?

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