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Diane Haberstroh

Diane Haberstroh of Bohemia, New York

Diane Haberstroh of Bohemia, New York

Diane has worked at the public library in Bohemia, New York for twelve years and lives in nearby Oakdale. When the ‘Voice’ asked her library for information it was Diane who volunteered to help. She has taken lots of photographs and given us plenty of information.

She says “ I like the area mainly because it is a nice place for families. There are lots of activities for children. It is also close enough, about an hour and a half train ride, to Manhattan if you want to get away from the suburban lifestyle for the day”.

Life isn’t perfect, however: “One of the negative aspects of the area that I am currently dealing with is raccoons. Some mornings I discover that my garbage bin has been knocked over and garbage is scattered around the yard. My dog welcomes the raccoon visits since he enjoys the garbage they leave behind. To keep the raccoons out, I have to remember every night to tie the bin to a fence with a cinder block on top of the cover”.

The ‘Voice’ is lucky indeed to have Diane’s help. We’ll be featuring one of her articles each month.

Contact: please contact Diane via the Bohemia Village Voice

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