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Bohemia, New York

The first Bohemian settlers (writes Diane Haberstroh) arrived in the area in the 1850’s. The town was originally known as "South of Lakeland Farms" and later named "New Village of Tabor."  (Tabor means camp, perhaps reflecting the fact that the very first of the Bohemians were employed or owned businesses in the surrounding towns of Sayville and Oakdale). In 1894 the name officially became Bohemia, reflecting the homeland of the Czech-speaking inhabitants. The name has remained, although there have been several attempts to change it.  In the 1920’s there was a failed attempt by a few to change the name to Sayville Heights (Sayville is a nearby town).  After World War II, it was proposed that the town name be changed to "Lidice" after a town in Czechoslovakia where many residents were executed by the German Army.  Then again in the late 1940’s the name MacArthur (after General MacArthur) was proposed and the postal employees conducted a door to door poll and it was determined that residents wanted their town to remain known as Bohemia.

Bohemia, NY, established 1855

Bohemia, NY, established 1855

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