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Time to reawaken Bohemias secret garden?

Inside the walled garden  completely overgrown with young oak trees establishing themselves

Inside the walled garden completely overgrown with young oak trees establishing themselves

In Summerfields Wood is an old walled garden which once supplied Summerfields House with fresh vegetables and fruit. Hastings Borough Council bought the Summerfields estate, formerly a highly-respected school, in 1966, and demolished the house in 1972 to build the Law Courts, Police Headquarters, and other offices. Since then the walled garden has been allowed to deteriorate.

The Association says, “Many of us would like to see the regeneration of the walled garden within Summerfields Woods. It still stands as a testament to the wisdom of the Victorian horticulturalists. Their expertise enabled fresh fruit and vegetables to be supplied to the nearby kitchens, thus offering a local, reliable source of  food.
“What they did is of great interest to us now. We are currently struggling with many food related problems. As the newspapers and television programmes inform us, we are seeing many health problems arising from improper eating habits. We are encouraged to eat less processed food and increase our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. As a result, many people are taking up the challenge of growing their own fresh food”.

“We would welcome the opportunity to help develop the walled garden, so it can again be a centre of horticultural activity. For years, many people have walked past it, wondering why it is not in use. The local community could make good use of this easily accessible facility. An increasing number of adults are interested in growing food, as  is evidenced by the popularity of allotments. There is also the recognised need for young children to know about food, from its origins, through the growth period, and finally to the preparation of the food they eat. The walled garden could be a valuable educational resource to the local community, especially as it is in easy walking distance of three primary schools.”

Where is the walled garden? Its hidden in Summerfield Wood

Where is the walled garden? It’s hidden in Summerfield Wood


The gardens only doorway

The gardens only doorway


Walled garden brickwork

Walled garden brickwork

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