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Ukulele Band in Bologna

The Bohemia Ukulele Band – are playing a gig in Bologna, Italy, on March 14. “It is actually an Irish festival celebrating St Patrick’s day in Bologna – quite bizarre – but there is a famous Italian band headlining and the B.U.B  are supporting them on a massive stage”, says Lizz Francis, wife of band member Dave. “Jane , one of the two female singers in the band went to the university of Bologna to study Italian and her boyfriend Adam, also a band member, worked in a circus in Italy. They met in Italy – how romantic!!!” The local band, (5 ukes, and a bass) is a 6-piece ukulele band with a ‘quirky edge, zingy, positive and entertaining; spanning the decades with bluegrass, swing, country, pop and R&B hits, together with their own timeless material’. Typical numbers include ‘These Boots are made for Walking’, ‘It must be love’ (Madness), ‘My Baby just cares for me’, ‘King of the Swingers’, ‘Rocking all over the World’.

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