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Nursery wins Ofsted praise

A local children’s nursery has impressed Ofsted inspectors. Lee, Emma, and Dominic Buggy were thrilled to discover they had achieved an outstanding grade in all fourteen areas of their first ever Ofsted inspection at their family-run Artemis Nursery in Chapel Park Road, which opened eighteen months ago. Among the glowing comments were “The care that children receive in this setting is exceptional; they are nurtured and supported to become happy, inquisitive, independent individuals in a safe, warm and caring environment.” and “Staff are passionate about ensuring that the children in their care are happy and have exciting opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and enjoyment of learning.”
The three bring a range of skills to their family-owned business. Emma, the nursery manager, has a childcare background, her brother Dominic comes from a financial background, and his wife Lee has a marketing background. Altogether, there are twelve staff; currently the nursery has seventy-two children, across thirty full-time places. Artemis takes children from three months to five years. Emma said, “Parents like the fact that their children don’t have to change nurseries as they get older, and can see out their time here.”
Asked what is the most rewarding aspect of running Artemis nursery, Emma said, “It’s seeing how the children grow, how their confidence develops, and how their language develops. People comment on how happy the children are. The staff all have a good sense of humour. Seeing how the children relate to the staff and seeing how that relationship develops is really rewarding.”
Lee said, “When we opened I was heavily pregnant, and it’s good that I can work here and that my son is here. The children have such fantastic little characters that to come in and be greeted by them every morning is a joy.”

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