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Highways complaints

Three local councillors* have drawn up a list of complaints which they want the East Sussex County Council’s Highways Authority to address. Cllr Andrew Cartwright says that common complaints  include:
• poorly managed junctions (safety);
• use of minor roads for through traffic;
• parked vehicles obstructing traffic;
• speeding / lack of traffic calming;
• illegal parking and lack of managed parking;
• heavy use of narrow residential streets by through traffic;
• lack of pedestrian crossing places;
• conflict between residents and local organisations over parking-rights;
• conflict between pedestrians and cyclists over use of pavements;
• pavements which are dangerous for the infirm and elderly;
• difficulties with unadopted roads;
• shabby pavements and road surfaces;
• lack of tree planting;
• poor drainage from the roads leading to flooding of properties
Andrew: “There is a big gulf between the priorities of residents and traders on the one hand and the Highways Authority on the other. Residents want to improve the quality of their neighbourhood. They wish to eliminate anti-social driving and the associated hazards and noise. The Highways Authority shows negligible interest in the views of residents. Many feel that their concerns are not taken seriously. It seems that the authority will only consider investment in local roads after there has been a serious accident”.
It is the councillors’ view that the Highways Authority needs to set up an effective line of communication with residents. Andrew: “The Highways Authority seems unwilling to do this. Some residents are giving up and it is hard to avoid the impression that this is what the Highways Authority actually wants. I have made a complaint to the South St Leonards Area  Management Board which was set up recently – it will be interesting to see if it has any influence on the County Council!”.
*Cllrs Andrew Cartwright, Kim Forward and Trevor Webb, Town Hall, Queens Road, Hastings, TN341QR Feb 2009.

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