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Mortage help (well, a bit)

The government has launched a £200m ‘Mortgage Rescue Scheme’, or, as it is so elegantly described in the announcement, “a targeted and specific homelessness prevention tool”. It is meant only for those on an income of less than £60k and who would be entitled to be rehoused if made homeless. “What this means in practice”, says Cllr Andrew Cartwright,  “is that the scheme is only available to ‘priority homeless cases’ i.e. elderly, children and those with disabilities”. The scheme will help about 6,000 homeowners in the whole country, which means only about ten for Hastings, or just one for Gensing, including Bohemia. The maximum help allowed is £33,000 per applicant. Andrew Cartwright says “This is a small national scheme and there isn’t likely to be much money for Hastings” o Hastings Borough Council, Housing Information Point, Renaissance House, The Old Christchurch School, London Road, St Leonards. 01424 451212.

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