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Bohemia Book Fayre 2009 makes £856

Busy book fayre at St Peters in March

Busy book fayre at St Peters in March

This year’s book fayre was our most successful so far (writes Paul Rummery) with approximately 70 plus people turning up.

We took in a total of £856 which went to St Peter’s.  This is nearly double what we made last year. The total we made represents an estimated 1200 books sold on the day.

The atmosphere in the hall was bubbling and it is good to know that people love books as much as we do.

I would very much like to thank all the people who donated books. The response was fantastic. One very generous person donated an 18th Century Foxe’s Book of Martyrs plus five other books on local history which made us a total of just over £200 on their own.  He was aware of their value and he has our kindest thanks.

Our thanks also to Clive from the Bookmans Halt who has supported us from the beginning by putting us in contact with people who have donated books. Clive has also bought substantial quantities of books from us. Last but by no means least thanks to Stewart and Ann Buchan, my wife Lynda and Laurie Treen who made it all happen.

Paul Rummery

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