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Clean streets mystery

A clean Springfield Road  photo from WYG report

A clean Springfield Road photo from WYG report

Bohemia’s streets are clean – it’s official! Three times a year Hastings Borough Council receives an independent publication, which lists and grades a selection of streets for each ward within the borough. It’s conducted by a company called WYG Environment and paid for by Hastings contractors, Veolia.
The Voice was shown a copy of the December 2008 report (top left), which includes nine streets in Bohemia (table). The mystery is that all the gradings are ‘B’ (‘predominantly free of litter and refuse’), which hardly accords with residents’ experience. ‘Litter’ includes dog, bird or other animal faeces and discarded items associated with smoking, eating and drinking. The grades recognised are: A – no litter or refuse, B – predominantly free of litter and refuse, C – widespread distribution of litter and refuse and D – heavily littered. The report is lavishly illustrated with photographs of spotlessly clean streets (see picture). The mystery remains: if the streets really are this clean, what’s the brown smelly stuff that we keep seeing on them?


Bohemia Streets


Aldbrough Road    B
Bohemia Road    B
Cloudesley Road    B
London Road    B
Springfield Road    B
St Pauls Road    B
St. Peters Road    B
Tower Road West    B
Woodland Vale Rd    B

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