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Bird & Crescent Moon Sculpture Stolen

Lewis Nicholls writes (May 2009)

Dear Sir,

As a regular out-of-area reader of the Village Voice, I wonder if you could mention details of a Queens Road theft at the beginning of February of an original sculpture created by my aunt Margaret (1901-1990).

Around 1960, she constructed a sculpture for her own garden in the form of a stylised bird silhouetted against a crescent moon. ‘Bird & Crescent Moon’ was constructed on an arbor of ¼” steel rod set into a terracotta plant pot with cement. The arbor carries glass fibre and resin of a greenish blue hue. It is 3 feet high, and very much weathered.

This loss has a crime number (EH1/01124/09) and I would be more than a little interested to hear of any sightings, whether or not in moonlight silhouette, from any bird twitchers or from fellow Village Voice readers.

Lewis Nicholls, Queens Road. Tel:  01424 443372.

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