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Bohemia Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Sian

Coppersmith Siân sells most of her work via her website and through recommendations. “I did a traditional four-year apprenticeship with one of the last ornamental coppersmiths in the country, Sam Fanaroff. I finished in 1994 and spent the next ten years bringing up my four children” she said. “In 2004, I got a royal scholarship through the Queen Elizabeth scholarship fund. This enabled me to attend the London Metropolitan University, where I graduated in 2005. By 2007, I’d set up my own business.” Siân produces practical and ornamental mirrors, [mirror, pictured below] jugs, boxes, vases and bowls. “The bowls and mirrors are the most popular”, she said. Siân has her own workshop in Bohemia.
o Coppersmith Siân

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