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Sandwich girl

Jamila  with basket, in Bohemia

Jamila with basket, in Bohemia

So, I work as a ‘sandwich girl’. It’s not particularly glamorous, or flash, but it’s fun. It’s very social and I meet lots of people, some very interesting. I am one of 8 girls that work for the company and each day I drive from my home in St. Leonards to ‘Trafford Catering’ in Bexhill, to collect all the food. I then drive to Hastings and on to Ore, stopping off in Bohemia along the way. Normally I deliver around 50 baguettes, sandwiches and cakes and call into at least 30 different places.   It’s not hugely complicated but some people order special food and for specific times which I have to get right! Some days I’ve accidentally sold things that were saved, or turned up late due to traffic. Customers aren’t happy and things can get awkward! It’s still essential to be friendly, polite and cheerful though.  
I enjoy the job because I like being independent and going out and about.    There’s quite a bit of freedom and I don’t mind driving.  Lastly, the job suits me as it is only part time. I can fit it in around my schedule of looking after my horse, Maxii.  I need time to train and show jump the horse so it’s helpful the job is only week days.                                          Jamila Parr

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