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Bohemias clean-up day

Kevin Towner  cleaning up

Kevin Towner cleaning up

Bohemia got itself a ‘Community Clean-up’ day: Saturday 28th March. The areas attended to included several alleyways in Bohemia, Station Approach, near Warrior Square Station (for vegetation)  and the surrounds of the Congregational Church.
Altogether, about 55 people were involved, including residents, councillors and some HBC and Police staff. More than ten people from Bohemia took part including Vic Chalcraft and our local councillor Andrew Cartwright was there [picture, below]. Being wheelchair bound was no obstacle to those determined to help [photo, above].
The event was organised by HOPE, Gensing & Central St Leonards Community Forum and Hastings Borough Council. At the end of the clean-up a BBQ was provided which helped everyone to get to know each other better. The Voice asked Cllr Cartwrifght Why doesn’t Veolia clean up? “Veolia are not paid to clean any of these areas as they are not part of the public highway”. Will the clean-up be an annual event? “I don’t know if it will be held again, although I guess it will because it was a success.”         o See also Vic Chalcraft’s letter, p 22.

Cllr Andrew Cartwright getting stuck in.

Cllr Andrew Cartwright getting stuck in.

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